Blog Blog Copyright by en Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:47:44 -0400 How Does Acupuncture Help To Ease Stress And Anxiety? Millions of Americans experience anxiety each year. It is never easy to deal with however a proper medication and therapy can help. Some common symptoms of anxiety include rapid breathing, headache, fatigue, restlessness, and stomach issues.

According to the research, 30% of the population can be a victim of this mental illness, despite gender and age. The google search is a piece of evidence that there are a lot of individuals suffering from anxiety as topics for anxiety treatments ranked.

What is Acupuncture?

Another remedy to cure anxiety that came from the ancient Eastern practice is acupuncture. It works by finding the pressure points in the body and then needles are inserted into place.

Results will take place with up to two sessions, which vary from one person to another. The insertion needles indicate balance over the nervous system to ease stress and anxiety symptoms. It is tolerable and safe for the body, and up to now, some healing experts are still practicing acupuncture.

 How Does Acupuncture Work?

The Chinese medicine experts believed in energy called Qi. It is a chemical reaction found in the human body that regulates everything that is moving throughout the body. Qi flows through the meridians that when it is blocked, the suffering begins. Anything that causes discomfort, such as poor nutrition and stress, can disturb the Qi’s flow.

To restore Qi’s balance, acupuncture is being practiced by the ancestors and even today. The needle insertion promotes balancing someone’s overall health while bringing relief from the symptoms of anxiety.

Acupuncturists ensure the patient’s safety thus needles are inserted throughout the pressure points of the body and are away from the nerves.  Specifically, only half a millimeter of the needles is inserted. It assists the overall healing of the patient with proper treatments.

Treatment Scheduling

Treatment plans for acupuncture vary from person to person according to the situation and level of symptoms. It has three levels - acute, transitional, and maintenance care. The final choice depends on the patient’s requirement.

Acute care is intended for mild anxiety cases that are caused by an injury. It requires once or twice a week of treatment for two weeks. To feel relieved in the first sessions does not mean you are in total recovery.

When the time comes that comfort is achieved however symptoms are still there, transitional care will be applied. Then, the maintenance phase will take over for up to three months to keep your body healthy and to keep away from symptoms.

It is a long process but healing is promised for those who trust the process. You can also talk to experts to assist you in fighting against mental disorders.

Other Functions of Acupuncture

More than a good option as treatment for anxiety symptoms, acupuncture is also a great remedy for the following:

  • Alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Immune system booster
  • Helps obesity issues
  • Heals heartburn and acid reflux disease
  • Assists women going to menopausal stage
  • Headaches

Acupuncture has gained its popularity not just in Eastern parts of the world, but also in the West. It helped more and more people with a higher success rate in dealing with mental illnesses, including anxiety.

A study shows that acupuncture really helps to reduce stress hormones in the body. The efficacy of this method continues to get stronger according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). Much more clinical evidence is saying good things about acupuncture’s fast and lasting results. Some patients even experienced healing after three months of acupuncture treatment.

Anyways, experts do recommend exercising regularly to ease stress and anxiety.

Side Effects of Acupuncture Treatment

Antidepressants are another option to treat mental disorders. However, some medications can result in potential side effects that could trigger anxiety even more.

Acupuncture, on the other side, may have side effects but without risk. It includes soreness during the end of the treatment session, and some patients may experience bruising. When the needles are inserted properly, these side effects can be avoided.

Consult your doctor first if there is an existing health condition before visiting an acupuncturist. This applies to patients with bleeding disorders, metal allergies, heart disease, and other forms of allergies or infections. It is to guarantee safer procedures and to prevent further health issues.

Is it safe?

Acupuncture is 100% safe as long as patients seek doctor’s advice before starting a treatment plan. Many treatment reports claimed that only minor issues were recorded in acupuncture treatments.

It is also advised for mild anxiety symptoms together with proper medication and therapies. Acupuncture is not recommended for severe cases where mental health professionals can help.

Best-Recommended Acupuncture Services In Perth

Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre is made up of qualified acupuncturists that you can trust. With more than 30 years of experience in acupuncture and other healing practices, the team has the ability to meet your specific needs. The initial session will include consultation to identify possible symptoms of anxiety and other health conditions. Then, the acupuncturist will bring a treatment plan for you with a remedial massage every after therapy.

The organization also provides other traditional therapies, such as cupping and Chinese massage therapy. They also believed that herbal medicines can boost the treatment process and so used Chinese herbs for healing.

The services specialize in acupuncture in managing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is an affordable and yet quality healthcare provider.

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Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Go For Physiotherapy Many people think that athletes or individuals with serious injury consult a physiotherapist. However, it is not like that. From keeping your body in good shape to chronic pain, you can treat a variety of problems with physiotherapy. The other name of physiotherapy is physical therapy. It uses numerous methods like muscle stretching, electrotherapy, joint manipulation, and heat therapy to treat musculoskeletal problems. The best thing about physiotherapy is that it is appropriate for people of all ages.

Reasons That Make Physiotherapy a Good Choice

Physiotherapy refers to a treatment that restores, maintains as well as make the most out of the mobility and wellbeing of a patient. It helps through injury prevention, physical rehabilitation as well as health & fitness. Physiotherapy is performed by the professionals known as physiotherapists. They possess knowledge of how the body works as well as certain skills to check, diagnose and treat the symptoms of injury, disability, and illness. The different ways you can benefit from physiotherapy includes

  • Pain Management

Pain management is common reason patients visit the pain management clinic and seek out a physiotherapist. No matter whether you have pain from an old injury or recent injury or experiencing chronic pain because of sitting at a desk for longer, the expert would identify the issue.

Depending on your condition, the professional would use certain therapies to relieve symptoms as well as prevent those symptoms from reoccurring. Along with this, the expert could help you rehabilitate the body from accidental injuries like soft tissue injuries, sprains, and even fractures.

  • Post Operative Care

The success of surgery is not determined from the time when you leave the operation room. To regain the flexibility, motor functions as well as strength fully, you would be prescribed a physiotherapy regimen to follow in months following the procedure. To monitor the progress, you would need re-assessment as well as frequent check-ins.

To minimize the chances of blood cots or chest infection, you would be provided with a range of motion and strengthening exercises in the hospital. After that, your treatment would include the combination of the in-person sessions with the physiotherapist and at-home exercises.

  • Dizziness

Balance issues, vertigo, and dizziness are often symptoms of some problems that are treatable with physiotherapy. The expert could address the sources of dizziness like problems with vestibular apparatus of ear and cervical spinal dysfunction. In some rare cases, dizziness causes due to serious medical issues. In case you experience any symptoms, it is advised to consult the physician to know if physiotherapy would be a practical treatment.

  • Pregnancy and Post-Partum

During pregnancy and after childbirth, the body of a female goes through several changes as well as stress. To help the body recover, many expectant as well as new mothers hire personal trainers. Whereas some new mothers overwork that results in problems, which could arise after the weeks or months of childbirth.

The physiotherapists know about the ligaments, joints, and muscles. Therefore, physiotherapy makes a safer option for new mothers. A physiotherapist could treat the incontinence caused due to the weakening of the bladder, pelvic floor, or bowel muscles that occurs post-childbirth. The expert would develop a plan to increase your activity safely and strengthen the areas weakened during pregnancy and lose the baby weight.

  • Range of Motion

It is important to note that limited joint mobility and stiffness are not the normal aspects of aging. Rather, these problems occur because of the repetitive nature of jobs. Limited range of motion is common among labourers and athletes. It is easy to damage nerves, ligaments, and muscles near your joints that could restrict your ability to move in certain directions.

The expert would use certain exercises to move the joint as well as soft tissues of the body safely. Stretching the muscles gradually would help to expand ranges of motion and achieve better mobility as well.

  • Weight Management

Managing weight is not an easy job. In case you are struggling with this, physiotherapy can be helpful. With physiotherapy, you can identify the problem areas that are limiting the ability to lose weight. You might be experiencing a limited range of motions or undue pain that kills the inspiration to lead the healthy lifestyle you wish.

Physiotherapy promotes good physical health via an active lifestyle. Along with the balanced diet, the expert could help you achieve weight loss goals as well as maintain that through a customised treatment plan.

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Alternative Remedies for Spinal Cord Injury The spinal cord is the fundamental pathway of correspondence between the cerebrum and the remainder of the body. It is a cylinder-like structure of nerves that is ensured by the bones of the vertebrae. Nerves enter and exit alongside their whole length through little openings in the vertebrae. The spinal code is profoundly coordinated with similarly invested nerves running together. The engine nerves run down the front of the line while the tangible nerves run down the back. 

The spinal cord can be harmed from numerous points of view, including cutting, compacting, harm from contamination, absence of blood supply, or illness. Taking good care of the spinal cord is essential as the whole balance of your body depends on it. Spinal pain is inconceivably pervasive across America in recent times. The good thing is that the pain is treatable. There are many options, including surgical and non-surgical spinal cord injury treatment

Common Reasons for Spinal Pain

There is much reason that can cause mild to an acute level of pain in your spinal cord. The most common types are lower back pain and neck pain. The lower back region is also known as the Lumbar muscle. Lumbar muscle strain is one of the topmost factors for lower back pain. On routine bases, the most frequent reason doctors see in patients are:

  • contorting the spine while lifting
  • Unexpected fall from a certain height 
  • Helpless stance over the long run
  • Sports wounds, particularly in games that include turning or enormous powers of effect

If the pain lasts for more than two months, then it can be an alarming situation. A joint problem or irritated nerve root are the reasons for chronic pain. Highlighted causes for lower back pain include:

  • Lumbar herniated Disc
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Facet Joint Dysfunction 
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Deformity

Alternative Remedies to treat the pain

Indeed there are many medical treatments available for spinal pain. However, few non-medical therapies work wonders for spinal cord injury. 


Yoga keeps your brain and body in fantastic condition, making it simpler to adapt to a spinal rope injury's mental and actual torment. The delicate extending can help reduce the muscle pressure that regularly accompanies a more inactive way of life. Shockingly better, consistent yoga can assume a critical part in the restoration, causing you or your cherished one addition greater portability and more prominent freedom.

Essential Oil Treatment

Around the world, essential oils are considered a cheap and effective treatment for many diseases. They can be breathed in to invigorate your feeling of smell or applied onto the skin to be ingested into the body. Essential oils give prompt alleviation and have negligible results when utilized at the right dose.

The life-threatening problem in spinal injury patients is the disorder of the respiratory system. Rosemary herbs can be beneficial in treating respiratory problems. It contains antiseptic properties that help in healing infections. 

After a spinal line injury, the association between your mind and body gets disturbed, so a ton of capacities underneath your degree of damage don't work appropriately. Ylang-ylang oil helps to relieve the stress and mood swings caused by disturbed mental health. Also, it is beneficial for controlling blood pressure. 


You must have heard about injecting a needle in the body to give a specific dose. But have you heard about placing thin hair-like hands in the body for the treatment? Well! Let's talk about a natural way often done by people for spinal cord injury treatment if you haven't.

The acupuncture treatment includes setting meager, hair-like needles into explicit focuses on the body to improve the energy stream. It animates the sensory system to increment fiery reactions through the body and delivery synapses that help ease torment and lift the state of mind. Needle therapy is most regularly used to treat ongoing agony but, at the same time, is related to different advantages, including better dissemination, decreased spasticity, and improved psychological well-being.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

It is quite clear that the human body cannot function properly without the proper flow of oxygen. We are alive because our body is getting enough oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works by supplying pure oxygen to your body. This therapy increases the oxygen level in your body. Experts say that doing that can help to recover the damage after spinal cord treatment. 

It is recommended that increased oxygen level have many beneficial outcome for spinal pain. Following are the results that can achieved by this therapy:

  • Reduction in inflammation and swelling
  • Increase the production of tissues
  • Decrement cell deaths
  • Development of antioxidant enzymes in body

Importance of the Right Diet and Supplements

Any treatment, either home remedies or surgical, can work well if you have a proper diet. What you consume affects the rate of healing. Nutrients emphasis on the spinal cord treatment patients not to add unhealthy food in their diet. The metabolism and body composition can be affected by the treatment. That is why, by burning-through a sound, supplement a thick eating regimen, people can improve their inspiration. Energy levels can also come to a moderate level for better recovery. 

One should always check with a specialist/doctor before going for spinal cord injury treatment. Even home-based treatments like essential oil therapy need doctor approval. Moreover, many people are allergic to certain essential oils so always have a complete checkup. 

Patients should get their X-rays, MRI, and CT scans done, as they show a clear picture of wear & tear. Customized care from experts gives you the treatment you need to completely recuperate from issues of spine torment. You can consult different experts who have broad involvement in making a customized spinal consideration plan, so you can return to living and cherishing life indeed. You can go to a Neurologist for pain in muscle and inflammation problems. If you are looking for physical therapy, better to consult a physical therapist to improve the overall strength and balance. However, if there is anything serious with your spinal alignment issue then it's best to consult a Chiropractors. Before taking steps make sure you have searched well for best-known doctors in the town, also go through complete test producers prescribed by staff surgeon. Good luck. 

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5 ways to Relieve Back Pain Naturally Back pain is considered a common problem in teenagers and adults. Over a decade doctors have noticed a visible change in the physical fitness of people. This the late 90s generation probably face health issues much earlier as compared to our parents’ and grandparents’ generation. Back pain can be due to any injury, action, and some ailments. Back torment can influence individuals of all ages, for various reasons. As individuals get more established, the possibility of creating lower back agony increments, because of components, for example, past occupation and degenerative plate sickness.

An area like Snellville or other major parts in Atlanta has witnessed lots of car incidents, slips, and falls. You can get your treatment done easily at many clinics like GEORGIA NECK & BACK. Their specialties are in spinal treatment, back pain, and sports chiropractic. These are a few portions of the choices you'll need to treat your back agony from top back specialists in Snellville:

  • Chiropractic for seniors
  • Massage therapy
  • Work Injuries
  • Sports and Chiropractic
  • Neck Pain
  • Chiropractic for kids

Most Common Reason for Back Pain

There are 5 most common reasons for back pain

  • Muscle Strain: Rehashed hard work or an unexpected off-kilter development can strain back muscles and spinal tendons. In case you're in a poor state of being, the steady strain on your back can cause excruciating muscle fits.
  • Back Disk Issues:Plates go about as pads between the bones (vertebrae) in your spine. The delicate material inside a plate can lump or burst and push on a nerve. Notwithstanding, you can have a protruding or burst circle without back agony. Circle infection is frequently found by chance when you have spine X-beams for some other explanation.
  • Arthritis Disease: Arthritis disease is quite common in adults. The initial symptoms start with pain in any specific joints like the wrist or ankle joint. Osteoarthritis can influence the lower back. Now and again, joint inflammation in the spine can prompt a narrowing of the space around the spinal string, a condition called spinal stenosis. 
  • Fracture Issue:In the case of an unexpected fall the person might suffer from injury. Such injuries stay hidden for a few weeks as they hardly show any symptoms. That is why a person should always get their complete body check if they had any incident. Your spine's vertebrae can create difficult cracks if your bones become permeable and fragile.

Natural ways to relieve back pain at home 

Body pains can be mild to acute depending on the base reason. A person shouldn’t neglect if the pain is there for more than two weeks. Since nowadays the situation all over the world is not good. Every hospital is on red alert, hence doctors are recommending people to stay home and visit hospitals only when needed. Back pain can make your daily routine horrible. Moreover, this can lead to a serious infection in the future if not treated properly on time. Here are some natural home remedies which might help you to get rid of your back pain naturally. 

  • Anti-Inflammatory Drink: At the point when you burn-through mitigating nourishments routinely, a few cell reinforcement, calming, and even enemy of malignant growth specialists can develop in your blood. Throughout some undefined time frame, these intense specialists can assume a critical part in lessening as well as disposing of incendiary responses in the body. You can have drinks like turmeric milk, ginger tea, and tart cherry juice.
  • Supplements: Adding diet supplements to your daily routine can be highly effective for back pain. An evening of remedial rest can have recuperating advantages and cause you to feel invigorated, revived, and less pushed. Always consult with back specialists in Snellvillefirst before taking any. You can consult over the phone or online appointment. Some supplements can negatively react with your body.  Supplements that you can include in your diet for better sleep are Vitamin C and B6, Melatonin, L-theanine, and Valerian. 
  • Yoga:Body stretching is recommended by the physiotherapist for people having back pain issues. At the point when you start, play out the stretches gradually and advance just if you feel good without torment. Slowly, you will have the option to add more stretches to your daily schedule. An ideal time for yoga is early morning—to help relax your spine and diminish solidness and throbs in your back.
  • Warm Pool Therapy:The lightness of the water allows you to appreciate the advantages of activity with less torment. Practicing in the water likewise directs the working of nerves and muscles, assuaging pain. If you incline toward hotter pools, investigate water practice classes and hydrotherapy pools. Water treatment practices are frequently done in water that is around 83 degrees to 88 degrees. Hydrotherapy pool temperatures are frequently more than 90 degrees.
  • Meditation Therapy:Contemplation is an extraordinary method to improve fixation, discharge feel-great hormones (endorphins), and decline tension and stress. Through careful reflection, you can control how your body sees pain. Locate a peaceful, dim room and ponder for 5 to 10 minutes toward the beginning of the day. You can likewise have a go at thinking before sleep time or while you enjoy a reprieve at work. On the off chance that you don't prefer to contemplate, attempt straightforward breathing activities—take 10 profound, slow breaths in succession.

How to back experts help at Snellville

Exhaust, Lawrenceville, Snellville, and NE Atlanta, GA bone and joint specialist Team of Georgia Neck and back give chiropractic care to individuals in Tucker, Lawrenceville, Snellville, and NE Atlanta. We consistently get with numerous individuals who have never been to an alignment specialist. If you've never had chiropractic care, you may be astonished about how it can assist you with improving your wellbeing. You may take a guide from the internet for finding the best back specialists in Snellville. 

Numerous individuals realize that chiropractic care is extraordinary for back agony, auto wounds, neck torment, and cerebral pains, yet you probably won't realize that the staff at Georgia Neck and Back can assist you with improving your overall wellbeing and health with chiropractic care.

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The Many Uses and Benefits of Aromatherapy If you always wondered what aromatherapy means, all you need to do is look at the name again. It is the treatment of the body and the mind by the use of scents and essential oils derived from plants. And to be specific these plants are known as being aromatic, hence the first part of the name. The second part is self explanatory.

Aromatherapy is very effective in making you feel good mentally and physically by the way it affects your senses. What you see, touch, and feel affects you in your daily life either in a positive, negative or even a neutral way. Aromatherapy slots in as a positive influence as it treats your mind and body through your sense of smell restoring and promoting balance when you need it most. Your sense of feeling is the other part of the senses influenced by aromatherapy as essential oils are also absorbed through your skin during massage or while bathing in water containing essential oils.

So, for example, if you feel stressed, plants like lavender will help you to relax. If you breath the lavender scent it will sooth you. So will the oils when absorbed through the skin either through massage or when you have a bath. If you feel low in energy essences like mint will give you that extra stimulus to make you spring back into action. Again these oils can be breathed in, used during massage or while bathing. They act as stimuli on the brain provoking a reaction in your chemical make up through your sense of smell and through the skin.

Aromatherapy has become the alternative medicine of choice for the busy society we live in. It is a beneficial because the oils and scents are pure and natural. It is an alternative that has been around too long for it to have any kind of side effect that the general population would find harmful. But of course you cannot legislate for substances you might be allergic to even ones that are considered benign.

And it is not only a kind of alternative medicine but is also used quite widely as an alternative for cosmetics and it is a very good replacement because the essences of aromatic plants are completely natural and as discussed not harmful to most people. In fact the benefits of aromatherapy covers not only us humans but animals as well. Essential oils such as niaouli, eucalyptus and tea tree are being credited by dog owners as being effective in combating the common colds of our best friend.

In conclusion aromatherapy has been shown to be a very effective replacement for treatments of the body and mind. It has been practiced from ancient times to cure various ailments and is still to this day very popular to treat these same ailments as well as curing newer ailments of our times like stress and anxiety. It is also widely used as natural beauty treatment alternative. Even cats and dogs like the effects of aromatherapy so it is sure to be here to stay and perhaps you will find it to have even more beneficial uses in the future.

Graham Grant is the editor of Aroma Therapy Best Guide a website totally dedicated to aromatherapy. For more articles and information please find out more at

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Alternative Therapies For Asthma Treatment -- Biofeedback Holds Promise Are there effective alternative therapies for asthma? Many researchers believe biofeedback holds promise as a way to help asthma patients.

What is biofeedback all about? It involves measuring a person's body processes like heart rate, blood pressure, galvanic skin response, etc and providing this information to the person in real time. This creates awareness of these processes and in turn, can help the person gain conscious control over related body functions.

For instance, scientists have shown that a person can consciously influence his heartbeat. In fact, some studies at the National Institutes for Health have indicated that patients can be trained even to lower their blood pressure.

Biofeedback training is part of what is called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It was Dr. Neal Miller, a neuroscientist at Yale who first said that it is possible to exert conscious control over automatic body functions. The scientific and medical establishment of the time scoffed at his statement and held that such things are impossible.

However, subsequent research by several groups has shown that control over unconscious body functions is indeed possible. Many patients have found relief from migraine using biofeedback training. Some researchers are studying the possibility of using biofeedback as the main treatment for high blood pressure problems.

How does biofeedback apply to asthma?

During an asthma attack, the muscles around the airways are inflamed and contracted. If these muscles can be relaxed, air would flow more freely into the lungs and the distressing symptoms of asthma would be alleviated. Biofeedback systems train the patient to accomplish just that.

In addition, asthma patients often have abnormal breathing patterns. The Society for Applied Psychotherapy and Biofeedback says that 'barrel breathing' is one such pattern. This is when the asthmatic takes in a deep breath and then doesn't fully breathe out. Instead, they take several shallow in and out breaths without emptying their lungs completely.

As a result, their lungs can't be refilled with fresh air since they never empty fully when breathing out.

Using a process called pneumographic biofeedback, asthma patients learn to recognize their altered heart rates that occur during barrel breathing. And they learn to change their breathing pattern to lower their heart rate as well as improve oxygen intake.

Some studies have concluded that this type of biofeedback treatment not only reduced the symptoms of asthma but also brought down lung inflammation and resistance to normal breathing. The heart beat variability biorhythm treatment has also resulted in lowered medication use and better pulmonary function.

The National Institutes of Health advices asthma patients who wish to use biofeedback training to work with a competent trainer and to keep their doctor fully informed. The latter is important because asthma patients should be monitored regularly and medication may need to be adjusted from time to time.

Overall, biofeedback treatment is one of the more promising alternative therapies for asthma.

Jane Peters is a researcher and has written on several topics. For must-have articles on natural remedies for asthma and other facts on avoidance of asthma triggers, see the foregoing links.

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Herbal Therapies and Remedies: The New Wave? While there are a lot of people who will naysay the virtues of alternative medicine and herbal therapies and remedies, there is also a subculture cropping of people who refuse to be swayed by the conventions of modern medicine and all the naysaying, and live a completely drug free lifestyle. And very successfully I might add.

The funny thing is that some of the healthiest people I know never pop any sort of drugs or man made pills, not even Tylenol or Advil when they get headaches. Instead, they either go without conventional medications, or try alternative remedies or natural methods to get rid of their aches and pains, headaches, cramps, and more.

The list of herbal cures, remedies, alternative therapies and natural medicines goes on and on. It seems you can either cure or drastically improve a wide variety of symptoms, illnesses, mental conditions, and even physical imperfections like acne or embarrassing nuisances like bad breath with some sort of alternative, unconventional, and yet oddly effective natural alternative.

Think about it, most prescription drugs and medications were at some point derived from a natural substance in most cases. If you can take that same product, in its natural state, don't you think this would require less processing by your body, and be better for your overall heatlh than putting possible toxins in your body, which may remain for months or years and can even have residual, long term effects?

While skepticism on the effectiveness of many of these natural alternatives is still prevalent, there are an increasing number of "herbal converts" who swear by any number of natural remedies and herbal medicines to cure whatever ails them. The skepticism quite frankly is understandable though, because a lot of companies with watered down, ineffective products that use old and inert herbs and natural compounds jumped on the herbal bandwagon, and have made a bad name for the herbal business.

For every high quality and effective herbal medicine, there are at least two or three that do not work. Researching your product of choice is key. Does the company offer testimonials, or standardization information on their product? Do they have some sort of approval seal for any ingredients that may only be effective in a certain form, or purity standard? Are they reputable, and have they been around for a long time? These are the types of things to research and look for when you are purchasing an herbal supplement or alternative health product.

Whether you are taking a supplement simply for health reasons, in other words to maintain health and wellness, or you are taking an herbal or natural supplement to actually combat a symptom of some kind, knowing what you are buying is key. It is also going to determine whether you will be among one of the growing legions of natural medicine converts, or a skeptic who sticks to conventional medicines. I for one, will continue "going natural".

Danna Schneider is the founder of the herbal and natural remedy guide and product offering, Herbal Therapeutics: Herbal Remedies and Supplements , an online guide to treating ailments and symptoms naturally, with a wide range of highly effective product offerings in the herbal and natural remedy realms.

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Learn About Alternative Medicine There is so much to be learned about health and medicine, sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed. Most people I know do not really take the time to think about the ways they are taking care of their body and the effects of their choices on their short and long term health. I have been learning a lot about various types of alternative medicine and I have become convinced that more people need to be informed that there are options for your health and fitness needs.

Basically, alternative medicine deals with a wide variety of non-traditional medicines and methods of treatment for all of the medical situations people can find themselves in. People have begun to be more concerned lately with the things that they are putting into their bodies, so alternative medicine has become somewhat of a buzzword that is being thrown around among health-conscious people right now.

I became interested in alternative medicine when I had to research and write about the latest trends in it for an article in my magazine. I had quite honestly never given much thought to the doctor's orders for certain medications and methods of treatment until I began researching for this piece. I soon realized how cautious we should be about anything that we put into our bodies. After all, we only get one body to live in and take care of, so it is solely our responsibility to be knowledgable about ourselves and to make the best possible choices for our own health.

I think this ownership factor is the thing I appreciate most about people who are interested in alternative medicine. They are mostly proactive people who are looking for new ways to treat their symptoms and who are convinced that the more natural something is, the better it is for them and for their health.

There is far too much to say about alternative medicine here, so my simple purpose is just to inform you that you are responsible for your health. You are responsible for all of the foods you eat, the drinks you drink, and the medicines and treatments that you choose. So choose wisely. Take time to consider all of your options, and see if alternative medicine might provide a better solution for you and your health needs.

You can easily learn more by doing an internet search or by grabbing some books on alternative medicine. There is a ton of information out there, so just begin today to sift through the resources and find information that is helpful for you.

Belina Storrey is a dietician and a writer on all issues health related. She loves informing people about alternative medicine. See for more.

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Alternative Health Treatments Do you suffer with one of the many health problems out there? Are you getting fed up with the traditional forms of health treatment? Are you looking into the different forms of alternative health therapy that are available? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this article may be of interest to you. In the article, I am going to write about some of these alternative therapy treatments which I, my family and friends have tried in the past. I hope you enjoy the read.

My wife has had many problems with her own health and also suffers from regular bouts of depression. She is quite a stressful person and at times finds life to be fairly tough. A couple of years ago she decided to find a different approach to ones she had previously tried. The first option she tried was reflexology. She was not entirely sure if she really wanted a stranger messing about with her feet but was more than pleased with the experience on her return. She could not believe how relaxed and chilled out it made her feel.

I have also found myself struggling to cope with the pressures of every day life. I now have turned my hand to meditation. This is not I am sure for everyone but it has certainly helped me to think in a more positive and clearer way. It took me quite a long to meditate in what would be known as the correct way as I originally could not seem to concentrate or relax enough.

My mother prefers to go to a womens wellness centre rather than to the doctors. She has not spoken too much about this to me but it obviously helps her as she has now been going there for years.

Tai chi is a very popular form of alternative therapy for many people. Tai chi is also very good at reducing peoples stress levels and is something I also considered before I took up meditation.

A friend of mine always raves on about yoga and the many health benefits that this has bought her. To me it all seems like a lot of hard work, however she insists that it isn't. In a way these things are like horses for courses. Some people prefer to do one thing and others prefer to do something entirely different.

My brother who also finds it hard to relax, it must run in my family I suppose, has found hypnotherapy to be very useful. He has been a smoker for many years and two years ago decided it was time to quit. He was very determined, which helps of course but by attending hypnotherapy sessions, also gave him that extra edge. He, from what he tells me has not smoked even one cigarette for the past eighteen months.

These are just a small number of the many alternative health treatments out there. It is worth pointing out that even though they have been successful in helping the above people, they may not work for everyone. In my opinion it is worth giving different things a try as it may just change your life.

Stephen Hill helps to promote a number of websites including:

herbal health therapy

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Improved Health And Wellness Through Chiropractic What Is The Meaning Of Wellness?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, wellness is defined as the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits. When considering the meaning of wellness, a logical next step is to consider the term “homeostasis.” Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines homeostasis as the ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes. Both wellness and homeostasis address your body’s amazing power to maintain balance among its various internal systems.

But What Does This Really Have To Do With Your Health And Wellness? Actually, Quite A Bit.

Your body is created with the ability to heal itself. For instance, in the presence of pre-cancerous cells, your body has a built-in immune system function called apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death. In a sense, your body tells the defective cells to commit suicide. This may sound like science fiction, but this process of homeostasis is a scientific reality.

This innate intelligence also keeps the surroundings of your body’s internal organs and cells constant even though your external environment may change. For example, if you walk out of an air-conditioned room into blazing hot summer sunlight, your body automatically makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that your internal organs continue to function properly. Your external temperature has changed, but through homeostasis your internal temperature remains constant.

Health And Wellness In The Workplace

Your job … your family … your friends … these important facets of your life are all intrinsically connected to your physical and emotional health. If your job is extremely stressful, that stress will spill over into your personal life. Similarly, if you are experiencing a personal crisis such as illness, divorce or financial problems, it will likely have an adverse affect upon your job performance. This connection of mind, body and spirit is tied directly to health and wellness in the workplace.

When you become overwhelmed by ongoing stress, job demands, or family issues, the resulting imbalance causes mental and emotional distress as well as physical illness. Some experts call it “burnout.” But regardless of whatever descriptive words are used, the bottom line is that your health and wellness are in jeopardy.

Worksite Wellness Questionnaire

How do you know if you, a loved one, or a co-worker is suffering from symptoms of workplace or emotional burnout? This worksite wellness questionnaire provides telling some health and wellness insight:

• Do you suffer from chronic fatigue or exhaustion, a sense of being physically run down? • Do you experience frequent absenteeism due to illness? • Do you have frequent headaches and gastrointestinal disturbances? • Have you experienced unexplained weight loss or weight gain? • Do you suffer from sleeplessness and depression? • Do you experience shortness of breath? • Do you battle feelings of helplessness?

If this worksite wellness questionnaire hits close to home with you, your health and wellness may be at serious risk.

Chiropractic And Your Health And Wellness

The principles of chiropractic medicine have actually helped shape what is known today as the wellness revolution. These principles embrace the knowledge that your body is designed to function as a whole, not as a collection of isolated parts. This concept of mind, body and spirit recognizes that any dysfunction in one area of your body, emotional stress for example, can result in seemingly unrelated, yet interconnected, dysfunctions in other areas, such as physical illness or pain.

The cornerstone of chiropractic medicine is an innovative knowledge that health and wellness must focus on the spine and nervous system. The spinal cord is a major component of your nervous system which controls every facet of your body’s functions. Tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, thinking, dreaming, moving, running, sleeping, laughing, singing, remembering, feeling pain or pleasure, writing or operating a computer … you would be unable to do any of these things without your nervous system. Every breath you take, every beat of your heart is ruled by your nervous system. This amazing system also regulates your immune system and the way you respond emotionally to times of stress.

Chiropractic practitioners recognize that even subtle alterations in the spine can interfere with nervous system activity. These alterations, called vertebral subluxations, are not exclusively due to physical causes. Chemical and emotional influences also play an important role in the health of your spine, nervous system, and your body in general.

Health and wellness begin with knowledge. So go back to the basics in your quest for improved health and wellness. Improve your diet, be sure to exercise regularly, and learn how chiropractic treatment can significantly improve your health and wellness – at home and at work.


Drs. Brenda and Erik Slovin are board certified Chiropractic physicians at in Norwalk, Connecticut. Drs. Slovin specialize in teaching people how to get rid of their chronic pains, quickly and easily, without the use of pills or surgery.

To get instant access to all their most successful health strategies and secrets, as well as a free Chronic Pain Report that lets you know why, what most people don't know about chronic pain can actually hurt you!, visit them at: and sign-up to receive their monthly newsletter "Live Well".

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Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Treatment Acupuncture forms part of traditional Chinese medicine. Included are Chinese herbalism, tai chi and chi kung. It is believed that traditional Chinese medicine originated around 2500BC and is one of the oldest forms of treatment. Acupuncture did not really become well known in Western countries until the 1950s, except for the few Chinese practitioners treating Chinese patients in those countries such as Britain. Today, even some orthodox physicians are trained in acupuncture and are incorporating it with western medicine and achieving great results.

Acupuncture is centered on Tao philosophy, like the other forms of Chinese medicine. It is based on the philosophy that a vital energy (force) flows along invisible channels in the body with the inseparable opposing forces of yin and yang, which govern each person. 'Yin' is a masculine, active and positive force and 'yang', a female, passive and negative force. When this energy (chi) freely flows through these invisible channels (meridians) and the yin and yang are balanced, the result is health. If the yin and yang are unbalanced and the chi is blocked, the results become noticeable in the form of illness. The purpose therefore of acupuncture is to correct these imbalances and unblock the meridians, allowing the chi to flow freely once again in the body restoring the patient to physical health. Another form of acupuncture called auricular therapy is based solely on the external ear, which contains its own acupuncture points. This type of therapy is very useful for acute conditions.

People suffering from allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other conditions may benefit by acupuncture. Acupuncture is also helpful in relieving pain. Acupuncture aids the body to release its very own pain-reliever, known as endorphins, which has effects similar to morphine. The success of the acupuncture also depends on the responsiveness of the patient. Some people seem to be more responsive than others especially children that receive treatment.

During the initial consultation the practitioner will ask questions about the patients history, the present complaint, life style, diet and exercise routines and emotional health. Skin colour, the state of the nails, eyes and tongue, body odour and careful examination of the pulse points form part of the diagnosis. The human body contains 59 meridians and about 1000 pressure points. To treat imbalances the acupuncturist will stimulate the pressure points that occur along the meridians. Inserting fine, solid needles into the skin, applying heat and fingertip pressure form part of stimulation. The points involved are usually found on the forearms, hands, feet and lower legs. Sometimes all three methods of stimulation may be used. Treatment may include recommendations on diet and exercise.

Always ensure you choose a fully trained and registered practitioner when seeking acupuncture treatment. Inform the practitioner of any orthodox treatment you may be receiving before diagnosis or treatment in acupuncture. Acupuncture is most often used in conjunction with Chinese herbalism, as it can be contraindicated with some forms of complementary therapy. Parents should always consult an acupuncturist who has had special training in the treatment of children, before embarking on a diagnosis in acupuncture. The treatment for children will consist mainly of fingertip pressure (acupressure) to the relevant acupuncture points, rather than applying the more traditional method of needles.

Michael Russell, Your Independent guide to Acupuncture

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Herbs for Anxiety: How You Can Find an Alternative to Anti-Anxiety Prescription Medication    

Anxiety Disorder can be a debilitating and all-consuming condition for many of those who suffer from it. Whether you are affected by Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder or one of the many other forms of the disorder, you may have investigated the option of using prescription medication as part of your treatment.

With over 19 million people in the U.S. alone reporting suffering from some type of it, anxiety disorder is the most common of all mental health disorders. Fortunately, anxiety disorder is highly treatable, and with professional help, it can often be completely overcome. Many times, successful treatment depends only upon individual or group therapy and learned relaxation techniques. In some cases, however, anti-anxiety prescription medication is also recommended. The most commonly prescribed anxiety medications are benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, because they tend to have fewer side effects than anti-depressant medications. But benzodiazepines also carry a risk of alarming side effects and can be highly addictive, spurring many people to seek safer, more natural alternatives.

There are many natural herbs for anxiety which have been proven to effectively ease many of the symptoms of anxiety with a very low risk of side effects. Just as with prescription medications, everyone reacts differently to natural medications, and it can take time to find the right combination and dosage for your body. There are many combination remedies on the market that include a mixture of effective ingredients, and that may provide you with long-lasting anxiety relief.

Passion flower, an ingredient that is often used in natural medicine, alleviates hyperactivity, anxiety, insomnia, nervous tension -- and is even sometimes used to treat Parkinson's Disease. Passion flower soothes and calms and can lower high blood pressure.

Lemon balm is a general restorative for the nervous system, can reduce blood pressure and also calm the digestive system.

Lavender is an excellent anxiety treatment and one of the best natural panic attack treatments. Lavender is a general tonic for the nervous system and a natural relaxant.

Valerian is a popular natural ingredient that can be used as a sedative and a painkiller. It is often effectively employed as a treatment for anxiety and for insomnia, as well.

You may find that with psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation exercises or support groups, or some combination of all of them, you do not need any medication. But if you do decide to explore the option of medication, natural treatments for anxiety can provide you with safe, effective results, without the risk of side effects that prescription medications pose. Natural medications are becoming increasingly popular as awareness of them grows, and you might find that they are the right treatment for you as well.

Tess Thompson is a Homeopathic Practitioner, Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist, and Herbalist who contributes regularly to Native Remedies - where you can find All Natural Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies for many health conditions including natural treatments for anxiety and panic attack treatments.

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Alternative Remedy for Carpal Tunnel Finding an alternative remedy for carpal tunnel is a tricky subject. With so many products, from vitamin concoctions to various squeeze balls, all claiming to be successful treatments for carpal tunnel, how do you know where to begin?

We do know that surgery is the last resort for helping carpal tunnel sufferers. It is for those who have tried everything else and failed. After surgery, your grip and hand function will never be the same, no matter what exercises you perform or therapy you undertake, surgery has permanently disabled a part of your hand that will never again be regained. Surgery also has a very low rate of success, considering that after 6 years, 90% of patients are experiencing symptoms again. Therefore, there is high rate of patients who undergo multiple carpal tunnel surgeries. During the first surgery, doctors cut the ligament, each surgery thereafter is to clear away scar tissue that has build up, creating the same pressure and loss of space as the ligament was doing.

Here are a few of the alternative options that seem to provide the best results and have the most clinical backing.

Creating Muscle Balance: Studies have shown that most people, even those with moderate to severe carpal tunnel, can greatly reduce or completely relieve their symptoms by performing exercises that create balance within their hand, wrist and forearm. Clinical research has proven that the overuse of the flexor muscles that close the hand, and under use of the extensor muscles, which open the hand, cause the hand to collapse in on itself, squeezing the carpal tunnel, restricting space and initiating the cycle of pain, numbing and weakness. By simply strengthening the extensor muscles that cross the finger, wrist and elbow joints, it has been found, you can control or completely alleviate your symptoms! NOTE: Squeezing and gripping devices have long been proven, time and again, to worsen carpal tunnel! Only exercise of the extensor muscles that open the hand are recommended.

Wrist Braces and Splints: For those in the earliest stages of carpal tunnel, when worn at night, a wrist brace may be enough to regain control of your carpal tunnel symptoms. Wrist braces and splints are not effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome for those with moderate or severe symptoms, but can assist when used at night. These devices are meant to keep the wrist from curling into a fist so that the wrist stays in a straight position in order to reduce impingement of the carpal tunnel. Be aware, studies have proven that wearing a wrist brace too often will further weaken the extensor muscles and worsen your carpal tunnel.

Massage: For many with mild symptoms, massage can provide the necessary relief of carpal tunnel. For those with moderate to severe carpal tunnel symptoms, massage is often very helpful, but temporary. Massaging and stretching the stronger, shorter and tighter flexor muscles helps relax and loosen the restriction around the carpal tunnel, allowing for temporary relief. Once you have had the flexor muscles massaged and stretched-out, it is recommended you follow immediately with strengthening exercises for the opposing muscles, which will ultimately hold the stretching and lengthening of the flexor muscles in place.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound tends to have its highest rate of success when used in conjunction with a treatment program that includes soft-tissue work, stretching of the flexor muscle group, and the strengthening of the extensor muscle group. Ultrasound can help reduce inflammation in an acute case of tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other forms of injury.

Always consult a physician or healthcare professional before starting any type of exercise or treatment program. Good Luck!

Jeff P. Anliker, LMT, is a Therapist and Inventor of Therapeutic Exercise Products that are utilized by Corporations, Consumers and Medical Facilities around the world. Balance Systems, Inc.

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Herbal Remedies for Cough and Bronchitis If you are one of those people who get rained on a little and get bogged down by the flu the next day, you are probably sick of having coughs and colds and sick of taking medicine over and over again. Sometimes, it is good to know that there are a lot of herbal remedies that are available, effective, easy to use and can replace the mundane cough syrup and escape its side effects.

Bronchitis is a serious medical condition. If you present the symptoms for this, please consult with your physician as soon as possible. These herbal treatments are here to help but are not guaranteed cures for conditions as serious as bronchitis.


There are a lot of traditional and herbal treatments for coughs and some are indeed stranger than others. The more common ones that are still widely used today involve using honey and lemon. Other herbs include garlic, onions, lavender, thyme, linseed, nettle and dock. Still others are cabbage, carrots, turnips, comfrey, rosemary, balm, glycerin and peppermint. Among all the herbs, eucalyptus is still the most popular cure.

There are many recommended herbal drinks to treat a cough. One remedy is boiling coltsfoot in water with garlic and brown sugar. An infusion made of coltsfoot leaves sweetened with honey is also said to do the trick. Another treatment is syrup made by boiling coltsfoot leaves with equal amounts of plantain leaves and honey. An herbal drink for coughs was based on a mix of dried sage, honey and vinegar. Another was based also on dried sage but with brown sugar and ginger in water. Another cure was formed by mixing and heating butter, vinegar and honey; also was mixing hart shorn, almond oil, hyssop, sugar and water. Another cure for coughs is an infusion made of hyssop, mullein, ground coriander and marshmallow leaves.

The older traditional cures were stranger. One of the folk cures concerns boring a hole into a lemon and filling the hole with honey. The lemon is then roasted wherein the juices are collected and fed to the patient. A stranger remedy involved boring a hole into it and the hole was filled with brown sugar which is then left to sit overnight. The next day, the juices that were collected are given to the patient.

Some of the older cures are harder to come by. One example of these cures is a mix of the juices of leeks and fresh breast milk of a nursing mother. Another less palatable remedy involved boiling two or three snails in barley water. You may not want to go through all this trouble for a cough.


Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchioles of the lungs and is a lot more serious than cough. Actually, the cough is reduced to one of the symptoms of bronchitis. Although most cases require the treatment of antibiotics, there are still a lot of herbal remedies to help heal and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis.

The more common remedies for bronchitis are eucalyptus, garlic, honey, ginger, cinnamon and tea. Herbs like bugle, butterbur, caraway, angelica, borage, coltsfoot and comfrey are known to help in the relief of the symptoms. Other herbs such as chickweed, chervil, fenugreek, fennel, ground ivy, liquorices, myrrh, madder, knotgrass and marjoram are also effective. Mullein, parsley, plantain, onion, sage and primrose, thyme, white horehound, watercress, speedwell and savory are also utilized in the treatment of bronchitis.

Michael Russell, Your Independent Herbal guide.

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Hypnotherapy to Calm & Heal Stress Caused Allergies: Hypnosis to Heal Doctors have understood for years that chronic stress in our lives can trigger a wide variety of immune system disorders, including asthma, allergies, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. They don't always explain to their patients what processes cause the normal stresses of daily life to turn into disease. Nor do they show us how we can deal more effectively with the stresses in our lives to eliminate these processes and the symptoms that result from them. You'll learn in this article how stress becomes internalized into immune system malfunction and how with hypnosis we can stop this dangerous process and thus heal our immune system reactions.

Among our primitive ancestors, stress usually involved some profound physical threat which required a rapid and energetic physical response. If attacked by a saber tooth tiger, our bodies reacted with a powerful dose of adrenaline from the adrenal glands, which got our heart pumping, increased mental alertness, stopped digestion, and prepared us for fight or flight. With the action of this and other hormones, our bodies were ready for battle. Unfortunately, nowadays the stresses we experience usually do not require aggressive and energetic action.

When the rent is overdue or mother in law pays a visit, you may have noticed that a few rounds of screaming, hitting or running are hardly effective solutions, no matter how good they might feel. So all these stress hormones simply stir up our bodies into a frenzy of cellular reactions for which there is no effective release. The result: our bodies, directed by the subconscious mind, start attacking whatever is at handÖinnocent pollen grains, loose food proteins, or even our own body cells, as in the rheumatoid arthritis which had me crippled in 1978. (Hold the sympathy cards. I used hypnotic techniques to free myself of this disease in 1984 and am now a rock climber and mountaineer.) What can we do?

Hypnotherapy has the answers. And the first of these lies in the very definition of hypnosis. Hypnosis is first and foremost a state of deep relaxation and peace and thus a premier remedy for stress. A competent hypnotherapist will spend time showing their client how to induce the state of self-hypnosis, and will instruct their client both in and out of trance to access this state every day, especially when their symptoms are activated by the stresses of daily living.

Hypnotherapists know that even the most ordinary stresses can become overwhelming if the subconscious mind clouds these experiences and tasks with negative significance based upon childhood or other traumas. For example, the simple and usually pleasurable act of making love to one's devoted spouse, for most of us a source of pleasure and relaxation, can be a nightmare of stress to a survivor of sexual abuse.

It is critical to gather from our clients their descriptions of the most stressful experiences of their daily lives, so we can go back in hypnotic regression to "the first time you felt this feeling" and rescue the client's earlier self from these terrible memories. We use emotional release therapy to help the client push these tensions out of their body, through sounds, movement, and aggressive emotional expression. Then we implant in the body new memories, memories in which the client's younger self is filled with safety, power, and love. These new memories are accompanied by new beliefs. "I'll never get it right!" is replaced by, "I can do this and enjoy it!" While many of my clients express skepticism at first about the possibility of accomplishing something so farfetched, one session in trance is all they need to feel the enormous power of the work in their own bodies, in their own beliefsÖand in their lives.

Which particular stresses are bringing on an attack of an autoimmune disease can be discovered in hypnosis by entering the affected body part as if it were a room. Then we can see exactly what persons or memories are stored there, and either complete communication with those persons, or rescue the former self from these traumatic memories. Details of these processes can be found at the Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy library. For example, we enter a client's arthritic finger and discover the stresses of trying to type at a job filled with criticism and undermining of the client's achievements by a vicious boss. First I encourage the client to use these fingers and the client's voice to express their anger at the boss.

Then I have the client's present self applaud the good work she is doing, while gently stroking and massaging these fingers. The results? We can see and feel an immediate and lasting reduction in pain and swelling. I then encourage the client to continue this healing process on their own if needed. And such conditions, because they have been ingrained by years of daily trauma, often require that clients learn to do these processes every day on their own for a period of time. This combination of self massage and self hypnosis to deal with chronic pain is a very powerful and unique feature of the work I have developed.

Physical exercise is an important element for recovery from any illness. It is especially difficult for victims of autoimmune conditions because when we are in pain, or sneezing, or suffering from chronic fatigue, we just don't feel like moving. That's why to work effectively in this area, a hypnotherapist must be trained in pain control and helping to motivate clients to get exercise. The client must be encouraged to be patient with their bodies and celebrate the small victories. "I'm too sick to move, so I'll just collapse" can become "I walked all the way to the mailbox today!" Hypnotic suggestion can be used to make movement more appealing as well. "It's so much fun to walk again" is a message that can be repeated in every session, and will be so much more effective when spoken to the subconscious mind of the hypnotized client.

Another helpful approach in hypnosis is to communicate directly in trance to the "soldiers" of the immune system, telling them to "stand down" from their assault on harmless pollen grains or those body cells that are being attacked. For example, for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, such phrases as "The linings of your joints are safe. They are a part of you. They belong to you. Your body is safe and at peace." can be very effective. For pollen allergies: "The flowers are your friends. Their pollen is harmless, a gift from your friends, the flowers. Your mucus membranes (prime sources of histamine production) can relax in the knowledge that these pollens are your friends." I have personally experienced a huge healing of an arthritis attack using these methods. It is often possible to experience a steep reduction in visible redness and swelling within an hour of this procedure.

In another article, I explain how it is possible to rewire a client's biochemical responses to allergens by returning to infancy, the time when our biochemical immune system responses were first programmed into our bodies. We can then change this programming to reduce or eliminate allergic responses.

Article 4 part series available in full online at:

About Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis: America's oldest spiritually oriented hypnotherapy training program has trained over 2000 hypnotherapists since 1983. The Alchemy Institute is approved by the state of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPVE) and American Council of Hypnotists Examiners. Our website offers an extensive library on hypnosis. Alchemy Institute Founder David Quigley now offers home hypnotherapy in special hypnosis by phone sessions call the Alchemy office at 1-800-950-4984 to inquire.

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Acupressure More Effective Than Physical Therapy We all know Acupressure has been around for some 5,000 years now and those of us involved in Holistic and wellness remain convinced that the procedures encompassed within this sphere are more efficacious than physical therapy. Every living being has a life force, or energy, called qi or chi (pronounced "chee"). When this energy, which runs along meridians, is in balance and flowing freely, the body is in a state of health. Acupoints tap into the the major energy pathways of the body

When this energy is blocked or deficient, illness can result. These energy disruptions are often the result of stress or injury. It is believed that acupressure causes the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins play an important role in immune function, pain relief, stress reduction, and slowing the aging process.

Lower back pain has long been the bain of the modern world not only in lost man hours but also because of the numerous side effects, complications and nuances of lower back pain complaints. Further studies now confirm the benefits of acupressure over physical therapy. Albeit that the studies failed to take into account functional status and disability as recommended by

most low back pain researchers the results are still very meaningful and relevant. In February 2006 a randomized controlled trial took place at The National Taiwan University in Taipei.

129 patients with chronic low back pain received acupressure or physical therapy for 1 month. Primary endpoints were self-administered Chinese versions of standard outcome measures for low back pain (Roland and Morris disability questionnaire) at baseline, after treatment, and at 6-month follow-up. After treatment, the mean total Roland and Morris disability questionnaire score was significantly lower in the acupressure group than in the physical therapy group regardless of the difference in absolute score or mean change from baseline.

Compared with physical therapy, acupressure was associated with an 89% reduction in significant disability and that improvement was maintained at 6-month follow-up. Study limitations include a confounding psychological effect of therapy; loss of 15.5% of patients to follow-up at 6 months and effectiveness of any manipulation therapy dependent on the therapist's technique and experience.

Participants were aged 18 to 81 years. Exclusion criteria were pregnancy and contraindication to acupressure. 64 patients were randomized to acupressure and 65 to physical therapy. Conclusive or inconclusive the results still point towards the undeniable and positive aspects of acupressure and holistic healing.

On a more lighter note Acupressure has also been cited as a new aid for sleepy students. 39 student volunteers found that those who were taught to self-administer acupressure to stimulation points on their legs, feet, hands and heads were less likely to drowse during class. The acupressure consisted of light tapping of fingers or using thumbs or forefingers to lightly massage the stimulation points. It was conceded that more study is needed in relation to acupressure and the effect on human alertness.

Looking further into the positives might this self administered acupressure also be a consideration for children with ADHD contra Ritalin!

Martyn Witt is the owner of Holistic Works which is a premier resource for holistic and wellness information. for more information, go to

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How Herbs are Used Herbs can be a gentle, natural approach to wellness. But how does a person use them? This article explains the various ways that herbs are prepared and used.

TEA: 1 tsp. of herb is used for 1 cup of water. Used internally or externally. Infusion: (For herb leaves or flowers). Water is heated to boiling, removed from heat, & poured over herb. Is set until cool enough to drink. Cold Water Infusion: Herbs are covered with cold water and steeped overnight. Slightly heated before using. Decoction: (For herb root, bark, or seed). Water is heated to boiling, herbs added, boiled for 3 minutes-1hour (the longer it’s boiled, the stronger it will be), or until half the liquid has evaporated. Removed from heat and let set until cool enough to drink.

MEDICINAL TEA: ½ oz. herb used per cup of water. Taken 3 times daily.

VINEGAR: Herbs placed in a jar and covered with apple cider vinegar. Shaken once a day for three weeks. Used herbs removed and liquid saved. Vinegars are stronger than teas. 1 tbs. taken daily or as needed. Used internally or externally.

EXTRACT or TINCTURE: Similar to a vinegar, except that alcohol (brandy, vodka, wine, etc.) is used in place of vinegar. 1 tbs. taken once or twice daily.

COMPRESS or FOMENTATION: A compress is a cloth soaked in a warm herbal tea or extract, and applied externally. When cloth cools, area cooled with cold water and fresh compress applied.

POULTICE: A poultice is simply taking the used herb from a tea, and applying it directly to skin. Reapplied when dry.

PLASTER: Herbs moistened, wrapped in a clean cloth, and applied externally.

OINTMENT: An herbal tea, extract, or vinegar mixed with a salve and applied externally.

OIL: Herbs are placed in a jar, covered with olive oil, and placed in a warm spot for 2-3 weeks. Oils are for external use only, and should never be taken internally.

BATH: Medicinal tea added to bathwater (anything can be absorbed through the skin).

SYRUP: Herbs boiled in water (½ oz. for each cup water) for ½-1 hour, cooled, equal amount of honey added, & refrigerated.

WARNING: A person can be allergic to just about anything, so it is generally recommended to begin with a small dose and to watch for reactions. Prolonged or excessive use of any herb raises the risk of being harmful to your health. What works for one person may not help, and may even be harmful to, another person. Never give herbs to a child unless you, and your child's doctor, first become knowledgeable & certain of its safety.

John Ritter is a writer for, a free online encyclopedia concerning herbs and other healing foods used in nutritional healing and disease prevention.

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Aromatherapy and Children As in case of adults, aromatherapy works wonderfully in case of children too; a cool aromatic bath in a tub is always eagerly awaited by your children. Many essential oils can be used to treat many ailments and conditions of your growing children. How ever, care must be taken in treating children with essential oils, although there are many numbers of safe ones. If used in original concentration, oils may work adversely and cause skin burn and irritation.

Most common dosage for any aromatic oil would be one-third to one-half the adult dose, or a 1-percent dilution (five or six drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil), and don't forget that citruses may irritate the skin.

Chamomile, Melissa and fennel are usually used as massage oil, or taken as herb tea. These oils are known to soothe a variety of tummy-aches-and the problems that can lead to stomachaches, such as frayed nerves, anxiety and over excitability. More common problems like colic, gas pains, and nausea and food allergies are also treated by oils. A chamomile, fennel and Melissa herb tea with licorice helps stop crying and fussing in infants with colic. Essential oils relieve muscle spasms caused when babies swallow air as they eat. Herbal gripe water is still being used all over the world to get rid of colic pains. A carminative water mix contains fennel, chamomile, caraway, coriander and bitter orange peel, all known to kill bacteria and relieve flatulence.

Most digestive problems are reduced by a simple tummy massage using one of the oils. Tummy-Rub Oil can be formulated as follows:

2 drops Roman chamomile
1 drop fennel
2 drops dill
1 drop Melissa
1 ounce carrier oil
Mix together and massage the tummy gently.

A suggested treatment for children before bedtime is a warm lavender and chamomile essential-oil bath. Most children just love taking aromatherapy baths, particularly if they have their own personal blends. Popular fragrances include orange, grapefruit and tangerine-all antidepressants and relaxants. Nature's gentle but powerful relaxant teas such as Melissa, lavender and chamomile has the property to calm a nervous, over stimulated, over excited child, make headaches go away and gently induce sleep.

Placing a cool compress of lavender on the forehead will give much needed relief from a headache, sleeplessness or over exertion. Frankincense used as a vaporizer or as massage oil is safe and effective for respiratory congestion or infection. Other safe essential oils for children include mandarin, marjoram, neroli, jasmine and petit grain. Tea of yarrow, catnip, peppermint and elder flower rare known to reduce the symptoms of measles, chicken pox or mumps; ginger with a touch of lemon juice is also effective. The soreness of mumps is lessened by syrups and gargles made from teas of thyme, rosemary or sage. Antiviral oils made from Melissa and bergamot has proven effective against the mumps and chicken-pox viruses. For teething pain in toddlers and young children, give chamomile tea and rub the gums with a little diluted clove oil on your finger.

The following formula may be used for swollen tonsils, mumps and other lymphatic swelling in the neck area:

Neck Wrap
2 cups warm water
8 drops lavender essential oil
Mix the water with the essential oil. While the water is still warm, soak a soft cloth, preferably flannel, in the water and wring it out. Wrap the cloth around the neck. Cover with a towel to hold in the heat. Remove before it gets cold. Repeat as many times as you wish.

Essential oils are universal in nature, as they are known to work in every condition, in all times of the year. Essential oils prove very handy in times of distress and need; a few drops of essential oil are all needed to reduce the symptoms in children.

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Aromatherapy: How It Works The Neuro Science behind Aromatherapy: For thousands of years aromatherapy has been used to heal the body, mind, spirit and emotions. In recent years there has been a great deal of scientific research conducted on neuropeptides and neuro receptor sites. Neuro relates to nerves and indicates intelligence or the ability to cognize or think.

It is your nervous system, your body's electrical pathways, that coordinates the Consciousness and function of all your Systems including, your organs, endocrine glands, lymphatic (immune function), musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, integumentary (hair & skin), urinary, reproductive and respiratory systems. In a very real sense your nervous system is the physical counterpart of your Mind.

Your nervous system has two networks of intelligence. Your Central or Conscious Intelligence System and your Autonomic or Unconscious Intelligence System. This branch of your nervous system is instinctive and operates below your "normal" perception of conscious control.

Research scientists have discovered nerve cells, located within every organ and system of the human body, coordinating communications between each of your cells. In fact it's been discovered that cells from each of your body systems are to be found eavesdropping within every other system of your body.

It is through this cellular matrix and network of communications, operating like a mini-nervous system, that neuropeptides, or chemical messengers, transmit their information to all your body's organs and systems. This interconnected field of information operates with such incredible speed and efficiency that it boggles the mind.

We now understand from this research that aromatic oils are chemical messengers that attach to human nerve receptors to induce a chemical response. For instance it is known that the plant esters of Lavender oil stimulate a calming effect.

It has also been documented that the whole natural plant molecule has a myriad of properties that interact with the human body in ways that science cannot reproduce synthetically. Hence it is always recommended to use pure aromatic oils for best therapeutic results.

Recommended Methods: 1) Direct Inhalation: 1-3 drops of an aromatic oil in your palm, rub hands together and inhale for 30-60 seconds. 2) Bath - Blend 6-12 drops of oil in a teaspoonful of honey or unscented jojoba oil, after drawing your bath stir the mixture into your bath water and soak!

Either of these methods will effectively allow aromatic oils to enter the neuro-chemical delivery pathways of your nervous and hormonal systems. The Vapors from the oils enter through your nose and immediately go into your Lungs, as well as stimulate your Olfactory nerves.

Your Olfactory nerve then signals your Limbic system, the control mechanism in your brain for emotions and memory. From your lungs the oils immediatley enter your bloodstream and are delivered to your Heart, as well as all of your Body tissues and Organs, the Liver and Pancreas, your Reproductive organs, Skin, Kidney and Bladder.

The oils then circulate back to your Lungs where they are excreted. Research shows that through inhalation aromatic oils will remain for a longer period in your cell tissues ( 4-6 hours) than through any other means of application.

Properly administered essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being and can produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Aromatherapy is a complementary and alternative healing therapy for improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.

KG has utilized essential oils in her energy medicine practice for more than 30 years. During that time she has facilitated healing for thousands of people suffering from personal trauma, illness and injury. Through her unique AromaTest™ system KG formulates essential oil blends that heal.

Please note: There are many cheap chemical copies of essential oils available, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results always use ethically wide crafted or pure organic essential oils that are pesticide free!

KG Stiles is a certified aromatherapist practicing in Ashland, OR USA PurePlant Essentials is her line of pure organic and ethically wild crafted essential oils. KG formulates aromatic oils for: colds and flu, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, menopause, anti-aging, skin care and more. KG's DVD & book about her AromaTest system, "Your Aromatic Signature ~ How to Formulate Blends that Heal," are scheduled for release in 2006. To order aromatherapy oils: Order Pure Organic & Wild Crafted Aromatherapy Oils Please refer to KG's chart diagram for Aromatherapy Delivery Pathways KG invites you to Subscribe to Health Mastery Ezine to WIN FREE Aromatherapy Products. To learn more visit: Subscribe To Win Contact: KG Stiles at Springhill Wellness Center, 2520 Springhill Drive Ashland, OR USA (541) 941-7315

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