The Best Yoga Stretches Addiction Sufferers

There has been a yoga revolution in addiction treatment over the last decade, and for those suffering it’s been a vital tool when getting the therapy and treatment they need.

Rehab centers have not only set up patients on a pathway to recovery through therapy sessions, but have also used yoga as a coping mechanism, particularly for stress when times do get tough, both in treatment and recovery.

Of course, getting treatment is the first step, and there are many alcohol rehab centers that accept insurance these days, taking away the significant costs that can come with it if you are covered. Once there, amidst the treatment, you’ll also likely be taught yoga to help with the process.

However, for those who are looking to help with their addiction from home, and also want to take up yoga, here are the best positions to help prevent cravings and guide them through the recovery process…

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is one of the most common and recognisable yoga poses to master and it sees you kneeling on the floor, knees pointing forward and then lowering your head to the floor.

The stretch itself is designed to relieve tension from the shoulders as well as improving mental fatigue and lowering stress. Stress is one of the main catalysts behind relapse, and avoiding it, or managing it effectively is a must when in recovery.

The Sitting Mountain

This position is similar to the child’s pose and again requires you to be on your knees, but rather than lean forward to the floor, you are required to sit back on your knees and stretch up, breathing deeply and slowly.

It’s one of the simplest yoga stretches to execute and helps promote a calm and clear mind. It’s ideal for the first thing in the day, setting you up for a day at work or a day going through treatment. 

The Butterfly

Further keeping things simple, the Butterfly is a pose that requires you to be sat on the floor, up straight, with the soles of your feet joining together.

This is another tension relieving yoga stretch that is also very good for your core. It’s one of a number of other stretches similar that are really good for aiding with addiction, but as a starting point these three are ideal for a beginner before moving on to other, more advanced stretches.

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