Three Signs You Might Be Drinking Too Much

It can be difficult to know what constitutes too much when it comes to alcohol. In ourselves, it is a gradual thing, with tolerance increasing and the dependency often going unnoticed, mistaken for “having a good time” or “enjoying a glass of wine to relax”. But a small glass can quickly turn into a large one, and a large one into a bottle.

Those habits can build up gradually, but ultimately they will start to have an impact on your day-to-day life and overall health. If that is the case then it may be time to get help. There are treatment centres all over the world and you’ll certainly find a handful even close to your home. Alcohol rehab can set you back on the right path to a healthier and alcohol-free life, but how do you know if you need that help?

Firstly, it all comes down to yourself. However, there are tell-tale signs that the amount you’re drinking could be too much?

Friends and family telling you there’s a problem

Studies have shown that alcohol can have a massive impact on family life, but in the first instances of loved ones telling you that you have a problem, it can be very easy to brush off and instead believe that they are just getting on your back.

However, if someone believes you have a problem, the chances are you do. It’s all about finding the courage to admit that they may be right and start evaluating your relationship with alcohol. From there you can also discover a number of things, including how your drinking is impacting their lives.

Home and work life is affected

There are no two ways about it, home and work life will be affected. Even the most functioning of alcoholics will see a turn in certain aspects of home, work and relationships. For work, are more days off being taken? Is performance down and are more mistakes being made?

At home, are arguments occurring more frequently? Is your partner talking about feeling neglected? Alcoholism will often become a number one priority, and as the number one, it will mean partners, loved ones and friends take a backstep and that will have a negative impact on them.

You’re drinking in secret

It’s easy to think that a sneaky pint in the pub round the corner on the way home might be absolutely fine. And in some instances it perhaps is. But if this is becoming a regular habit and you find yourself drinking in secret, then there is something not quite right, and your relationship with alcohol perhaps needs looking at.

There are a number more signs that can signal a problem with alcohol too. Noticing cravings, drinking heavily alone and perhaps, most notably, being unable to cut down on how much you are drinking can certainly be a red flag and it might be time to take that next step to getting help.

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